Available Urns in Stock.

Click on any image to see a full size picture in a new window. If you close the new window, you will be back at this page.
The small images are 300 pixels wide and are 22 to 30 KB (Kilobytes) in size, so they load pretty quickly. The fullsize images are over 2000 pixels wide and the files are 1.6 to 3.3 MB (MegaBytes) in size, so they will take considerably longer to load. Depending on your browser, they will either fill the page, or will be several pages wide, so you can see every detail.

I've tried to take 4 pictures of each one, rotating the urn 90 degrees each time so you can see all sides. The last picture is typically with the top off.

Each of the urns is approximately 12 inches tall, and they hold approximately 200 cubic inches. This is typically large enough for an adult.

Please let me know if you are intersted in any of the urns here, and we can make arrangements for you to see the one(s) you think you might want to see in person.
My Cell phone is 808-640-3549.

These urns typically retail at $595 and up, particularly the larger ones made of Norfolk Pine (which would sell for $700-725), or ones with more interesting figure or grain patterns. If you do decide to purchase one of the regular size, I'll sell it to you for $500 (or $550 for the large norfolk pine one), including USPS Priority Mail Shipping. I can take credit cards through my company, Rick Frazier Design, or paypal.


This is number 0809050, and is made from spalted Curly Mango
The following Norfolk Pine urn is presently in a gallery over on Kona Side.
This is number 0808051, and is made from spalted Norfolk Pine. It is considerably larger than the others above, and could hold about 377 cubic inches.
This is number 080730, and is made from Koa. The bottom row includes the top, and were taken with a short focus lens and on-camera flash, so some of the light areas are due to reflection from the flash...
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